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Publishly enables you to simply and easily prepare your documents, books, memoirs, research papers, tutorials, and how-to guides for publication on popular hand-held and mobile devices like the the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone and iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, and more. With Publishly, getting your ePub or iBook into the hands of your customers is only a click away.

Never experience the hassle of formatting and preparing your documents for iBook and ePub formats again. Publishly makes this complex process as simple as 1-2-3.

Start selling ePubs and iBooks to your customers today.

Publish your documents. Simply.

  • Maintain your original formatting and layout

    Preserve layout and formatting after conversion.

  • Transform your content into easily consumable ePub and iBooks formats in a few clicks

    Prep your content for publishing in one simple step

  • Convert your PDF, Word, and text files into ePub and iBooks formats

    Convert virtually any document type (Doc, PDF, RTF & more).

  • Design and layout your content once

    Publishly preserves your original formatting, layout, and document design. Don't hassle with creating iPad, iPhone, and Kindle specific versions of your content ever again.

  • Convert your documents in seconds

    Publishly makes converting you'd content as simple as 1-2-3. No complex configuration or reformatting required.

  • Convert into all eBook formats at once

    Publishly supports Adobe PDF, ePub (versions 2 +3), iBooks, and more. Export to all formats with one simple click.

  • Start selling your content online

    Convert your print content into digital publications and start selling on Amazon, iBooks, and more.

  • Always up-to-date

    Publishly always supports the latest eBook and ePublishing formats so that you can get your books, documents, and content into the hands of the widest possible audience.

  • Already have an ePub? Want to convert to iBook format?

    No problem. Convert from sources like PDFs, Microsoft Word, ePub and iBooks into any other supported format.

"Before Publishly, I had to prep a million different versions of each title we released. It took weeks. Now, I can do the same work in minutes. It's free and works flawlessly everytime."

— Sarah Miller, Pre-Publishing Coordinator, Penguin Limited

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About our ePublishing Solution

Publishly is the simplest, fastest, and most intuitive way to publish any kind of document or content as an ePub or iBook. From books and memoirs, to text books and how-to guides, Publishly makes creating an distributing your content a breeze.

How is it free? We're a small invention studio that makes tools we like to use. While some of our products do cost money, we're committed to giving back to the community by making available free software that we know everyone needs. Publishly is one such tool.

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